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Big 5 Construct South Africa

An expo that drives South Africa's construction industry forward, offering a platform for networking and market expansion.

Engagement and Recognition: Utilize the clout of speakers and highly engaged visitors to heighten the event's profile and foster connections with active exhibitors on social media.

Video Optimization: Focus on creating brief, engaging videos with captions and voiceovers, tailored for maximum engagement.

Interactive Content: Share exhibitor testimonials and conduct bi-monthly polls to engage the audience and highlight the trade show's successful legacy.

Carousel and Visual Posts: Curate weekly carousel posts with the latest industry news and exhibitor products, crafted to align with our visual brand guidelines to boost engagement and sharing.

Consistent Schedule: Maintain a dynamic posting schedule with 6-8 diverse posts per month, balancing carousels, videos, and interactive content.

Analytics Monitoring: Aim for a 600-700 organic reach benchmark for top posts and evaluate any content under 300 impressions for tactical adjustments.

Growth Targets: Set a goal for 4000-5000 monthly impressions and a consistent follower increase of 50-65 per month, aiming for a substantial boost in followers during the visitor promotion phase, targeting a total of 900-1200 followers by the campaign's end.

Key strategy

Big 5 Construct South Africa

Types of content


Engaging our audience interactively to gain insights while fostering a sense of community and participation.

Sponsors & Partners

Acknowledging our valuable sponsors and partners, showcasing their contributions and enhancing mutual visibility.

Industry news

Sharing cutting-edge industry insights and developments to position our events at the forefront of industry trends.

Speaker posts

Spotlighting esteemed speakers to build anticipation and highlight the expert knowledge available at our events.

Event updates

Providing timely and relevant information to keep attendees informed and engaged leading up to the event.

Exhibitor posts

Highlighting key exhibitors to generate excitement and showcase the diverse range of offerings at our events.

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