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Kreative Strategy Drives Sales

Once upon a time in the mesmerizing world of culinary delights, there stood a legendary restaurant known as Raandhal. Nestled in the heart of Malabar, Raandhal embraced the regional culture and offered a delightful ambiance that transported diners to a land of gastronomic bliss. With a diverse menu brimming with scrumptious dishes and a commitment to exceptional service, Raandhal had become the go-to choice for food enthusiasts. However, despite its stellar reputation, Raandhal faced a challenge – only 12% of its customers were regulars, leaving them heavily reliant on new customers walking through their doors each day.

Enter the extraordinary Kreative Clan,


armed with their innovative ideas and a burning desire to elevate Raandhal's success. Their journey began with a test run to revamp the WhatsApp order offer for the grand occasion of Onam Sadhya. The management set a target of 50 orders through telephonic calls and 150 orders through other platforms, hoping to entice more customers. Little did they know that Kreative Clan's promotional prowess would unleash a wave of culinary fervor, resulting in over 600 orders flooding in. Although Raandhal could only fulfill 468 orders, it was a testament to the untapped potential waiting to be harnessed.

The challenge was clear – Raandhal's sales had taken a severe hit due to the pandemic, and they needed a solution to revive their fortunes. The team at Kreative Clan explored various options, including food delivery apps, cloud kitchens, door-to-door flyer marketing, and enticing offers. However, none of these seemed feasible when considering the investment of time and money against the expected returns. The key challenge was to boost home delivery sales and reignite the flame of success.

Undeterred by the obstacles, Kreative Clan devised a brilliant strategy to increase repeat customers by leveraging the power of WhatsApp. They recognized the immense value of customer data and harnessed it to market Raandhal's offerings through the popular messaging platform. Through insightful discussions with the management and staff, Kreative Clan charted a path forward. Before the pandemic, a mere 5% of Raandhal's business came from WhatsApp orders, but that was about to change.

Armed with a vast database of WhatsApp numbers from past customers, Kreative Clan set their plan into motion. They strategically utilized platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote WhatsApp orders, redirecting eager customers through targeted ads. Every social media post sported the enticing "WhatsApp Eat" tag, beckoning food lovers to explore a world of culinary delight with just a message. The team also implemented retargeted paid promotions to amplify their reach.

To truly engage the target audience, Kreative Clan infused their ads and posts with vibrant color combinations that resonated with the essence of food, capturing attention and tantalizing taste buds. The results were remarkable – over 2000+ orders flooded in, and though 1650 were fulfilled, the revenue from these orders amounted to a staggering 500,000+ rupees.

In the current scenario, Raandhal's delivery service has experienced a steady growth rate of 20% each month since the launch of the WhatsApp marketing campaign. Kreative Clan also introduced the Raandhal WhatsApp Eat Logo tag, embedding the concept in the minds of consumers and ensuring it accompanies every social media post. Every paid promotion on social media proved effective, as they were precisely targeted to specific regions and seamlessly redirected interested customers to WhatsApp. Additionally, the staff underwent training to efficiently maintain a comprehensive customer database, facilitating personalized interactions and fostering a sense of connection.

And so, Raandhal's culinary journey continues, soaring to new heights with the assistance of Kreative Clan. With their innovative strategies, Raandhal has unlocked the potential of WhatsApp marketing.

"Revolutionary WhatsApp Sales Strategy Sells 2000+ Sadhyas in a Single Day - You Won't Believe How We Did It!"

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