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Middle East 
Coatings Show Egypt

About The Project

As part of Kreative Clan, we were delighted to collaborate with the Middle East Coatings Show (MECS) team in Egypt to enhance their social media presence. Committed to adhering to the brand and copy guidelines, our role was to ensure the digital visibility of the event harmoniously fit with the strategy established by the MECS marketing team. 

Our collaboration entailed a thorough understanding of the MECS brand guidelines, its core values, and marketing objectives. This understanding allowed us to create content that was consistent with their branding, resonating with the target audience while maintaining the integrity of the brand. Through our teamwork, we helped amplify the digital presence of the event, successfully promoting the unique networking opportunities, business meetings, and knowledge sharing that the Middle East Coatings Show offers to the coatings community in Egypt

Overall, our collaboration with the MECS team served to enrich the digital landscape of the event, emphasizing the show's significant role in the coatings industry, and contributing to its overall success.

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