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In this case study, we, Kreative Clan, share our experience of revitalizing the brand identity of a renowned music school in Bangalore. Our mission was to create a fresh and cohesive visual representation that accurately reflected the school's values and appealed to its target audience. Our approach encompassed logo redesign, incorporation of meaningful brand elements, and the development of a new website based on updated brand guidelines.

Challenge: Our client, a prominent music school, approached us with the desire to modernize its brand identity. The existing branding lacked visual appeal and failed to effectively communicate the diverse musical education opportunities provided by the school. Our challenge was to transform their brand identity, creating a captivating presence that resonated with students, parents, and the music community in Bangalore.

Discovery and Research:

We commenced the project by conducting thorough research, delving into the school's history, vision, and target audience. Additionally, we analyzed competitors to identify unique selling points and current industry trends. This groundwork allowed us to develop a strategy for a distinctive and relevant brand identity.

Logo Redesign:

Drawing inspiration from the school's values and musical diversity, we embarked on redesigning the logo. Our aim was to create a visually striking emblem that captured the essence of the institution. We merged key elements, including a building block to symbolize education, a piano representing classical music, and a guitar denoting contemporary genres. This combination encapsulated the school's commitment to providing comprehensive musical education.

Brand Color Palette:

To make a bold visual impact, we proposed a brand color palette comprising yellow (#FFC600), black, and white. Yellow represented energy and creativity, while black and white added sophistication and elegance. This balanced combination projected a professional image, underscoring the school's dedication to excellence.

Brand Font Selection:

We opted for the font "Poppins" to enhance the brand's modern and professional image. Poppins' clean letterforms and geometric simplicity ensured readability across various platforms. Its versatility allowed for seamless integration into both digital and print materials, preserving consistency in the school's brand communication.

Enhanced Brand Identity:

The music school underwent a profound transformation, boasting a visually engaging and contemporary brand identity that accurately reflected its musical diversity. The new logo and brand elements effectively communicated the institution's values, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

Improved Online Presence: The launch of the new website provided an elevated online platform, attracting potential students and parents. The intuitive interface and captivating design showcased the school's offerings, resulting in an enhanced user experience. 

Increased Brand Recognition: The cohesive brand identity, comprising the redesigned logo, brand colors, and font, enabled the music school to establish a consistent and recognizable presence within the competitive Bangalore music education landscape. The refreshed visual identity differentiated the institution from competitors.

Reinventing a Music School's Brand Identity: Our Journey as Kreative Clan

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