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Case Study: Kreative Clan's Role in the Success of Big 5 Construct Nigeria

Client: Big 5 Construct Nigeria

Agency: Kreative Clan

Event Date: September 5-7, 2023


Big 5 Construct Nigeria is the largest construction industry event in Nigeria, bringing together professionals, exhibitors, and speakers from across the construction sector. The event's success depends on effective marketing, engaging content, seamless on-site coordination, and capturing the essence of the event through interviews and visual media. Kreative Clan, a renowned marketing and content agency, played a pivotal role in ensuring the event's record-breaking success.


Pre-Event Strategy

Content Planning

Kreative Clan began by developing a comprehensive content strategy. This included:

1. Social Media Campaigns: Engaging posts highlighting event details, exhibitors, speakers, and the value of attending.

2. Blogs and Articles: Well-researched articles on construction industry trends, speaker profiles, and exhibitor spotlights.

3. Email Marketing: Targeted email campaigns to inform and excite potential attendees.

Design and Visuals

Kreative Clan's design team crafted eye-catching visuals, including:

1. Social Media Content: Distinct and engaging social media content for Big 5 Construct Nigeria.

2. Promotional Materials: Attractive banners, flyers, and digital assets for online and offline promotion.

On-Site Execution


Kreative Clan provided on-site support for smooth event execution:

1. Exhibitor Interviews: Engaging with exhibitors to create insightful video interviews.

2. Visitor Interviews: Capturing attendee experiences through video testimonials.

3. Guiding Photo-Videography Team: Coordinating with photographers and videographers to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Content Creation

1. Live Social Media Updates: Real-time event coverage on social media platforms.

2. Speaker Coverage: Highlights of speaker sessions, key takeaways, and quotes.

3. Interactive Content: Engaging polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions on social media to encourage attendee interaction.

Post-Event Analysis

Performance Evaluation

Kreative Clan conducted a post-event analysis:

1. Engagement Metrics: Assessing social media engagement, website traffic, and email open rates.

2. Content Effectiveness: Evaluating the impact of blog articles, interviews, and visual content.

3. Audience Feedback: Analyzing attendee feedback to identify areas of improvement.


Kreative Clan's comprehensive approach contributed significantly to the success of Big 5 Construct Nigeria:

Record-Breaking Attendance: The event witnessed a record number of attendees, exhibitors, and speakers.

Social Media Buzz: Social media engagement increased substantially, with trending event hashtags.

Engaging Content: Blog articles, interviews, and interactive content received positive feedback.

Satisfied Exhibitors:Exhibitors reported increased footfall and quality leads.

Attendee Satisfaction: High attendee satisfaction ratings based on feedback.


Kreative Clan's end-to-end approach, from pre-event content planning to on-site coordination and post-event analysis, played a crucial role in making Big 5 Construct Nigeria a record-breaking success. The agency's expertise in marketing, content creation, design, and on-site execution ensured that every aspect of the event was well-coordinated and engaging. The result was an event that not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impression on the construction industry in Nigeria.

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